Bill’s Bar Opening: Austin England

billsbar3My wife and I have been partaking of a novel new way to Date Night in Los Angeles, it’s called “walking”. We actually put one foot in front of the other and walk around our Silverlake neighborhood looking for sustenance and adventures. There has been a mind blowing array of new options for eating & drinking, but unfortunately the cultural offerings have suffered as a result. Continue reading

Garages of LA: Sedi Pak’s Sculpture Studio

Due to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Summary of Parking Regulations
Regular Provision Sec. 12.21A4 all single family houses in Los Angeles must have at least two spaces for cars, preferably in the form of a garage. However, the actual population of Los Angeles has grown less dependent on those two cars and has started to figure out other things to do with that city-mandated parking space. I am looking to find out what they are doing.

I first noticed that Sedi Pak’s garage wasn’t just a garage while walking around my neighborhood when her large rolling door was open and I could make out some peculiar Suessian forms within. This was a surprise, because I was walking down the nearby alley, which is not the best part of the neighborhood. From that walk forward I suspected something interesting was going on in there beyond covered car space and I was excited when Sedi and I connected online and I was invited to see her sculpture studio where she was also having a month long art show.

sedi1 Continue reading

Gettin’ Shinique With It

Shinique_Smith1My bro and I went down to the new gigantic gallery in the downtown arts district – Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. I don’t even understand this place. Its like some new gallery museum hybrid where nothing seems to be for sale but they have tons of money for a giant funky building and a crapload of security guards. Continue reading


joanbrown1I went down to the new CB-1 Gallery to check out “JOAN BROWN HERSELF”. After fighting through mind-boggling extreme construction we came upon the Neo-SOHO gallery space that CB-1 splits with a few other blue chippy looking galleries. The project room Joan Brown’s work was in seemed small but it still head several very large paintings and some cool cardboard constructions. Continue reading

One Crazy Ass Car Museum

pederson1I had family in town and it was raining so we decided to go check out the newly revamped Peterson Automotive Museum. If you are near Fairfax, you can’t miss it – look at that bonkers metal skin on that place. That skin is emblematic of the whole enterprise, the people in charge are funneling a ton of Big Auto money at a pretty entertaining museum-going experience. Continue reading

Of Shirts and Boring Performance Art

frau5I was excited for this sewing performance, at the time I was even heard to say, “This 12 hour sewing performance commemorates the death of 146 factory workers in a garment factory fire in Manhattan 105 years ago. Since that fire there have been many more garment factory deaths, but they take place in Bangladesh and Pakistan so we don’t have to think about them anymore. Maybe we should.” Boy, was I wrong. This was boring and only made me think about better performance art. Continue reading

BK Art Round-Up May 6th to May 8th, 2016

dead_prince copyFriday May 6, 2016
City of Los Angeles Memorial Tribute of Prince Rogers Nelson
5 PM – 8 PM
Los Angeles City Hall
You are probably sick of Prince stuff by now and this is going to be really crowded, but it might be worth checking out this crazy ass line-up: Aloe Blacc, Eric Benet and Faith Evans!??! Continue reading