Wavy Logos, Palm Trees and Sexual Cartoons

I went over to the Los Angeles Art Book Fair over the weekend, here is the obligatory photo from the second floor of the Geffen:laabf3In general, the fair is a great event that showcases an amazing array of creative art, zines and booth displays. There is also some of the best people watching in all of L.A., it seems as though there were contests as to who could have the biggest beard and most outrageously patterned pants. But amongst all this unbridled style and creativity there were some repetitive themes that emerged. Many of the booths seemed enthralled with the idea of taking a corporate logo (such as Nike or Coca Cola) and using Photoshop to make it look sort of wavy. When booths weren’t making logos wavy they were taking photos of palm trees, here are just a few of the many examples:
laabf4laabf2I get it, palm trees represent the fallen dreams of Los Angeles, but it seems like every other booth had some. The last theme that was everywhere was taking a cartoon mascot character (Bart Simpson being the most popular for the second year running) and having them do either extremely violent or more often than not, very sexual actions. This gets old kinda fast.
laabf5Overall the event was very inspiring and there is always a few pieces there I wish I had made, like this one:laabf1