L.A. River: The Fiber of a City – Installation by Billy Kheel OPENING!

FullSizeRenderMy art installation about the L.A. River is open! Its located at Los Angeles County Store 4333 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90029

Here is what the LA County Store has to say about the opening:

Billy’s installation is an imaginative scene depicting everything found in the LA River – sewn out of felt pillows! Join us to celebrate the opening – treats by Spoke Bicycle Cafe and cocktails by Seabold Ginger Beer!

Living along the Los Angeles River (L.A. River) for the past fifteen years inspired artist Billy Kheel to create a new way to engage the river, by representing the river bottom as an art installation made completely of felt. Amidst drought, restoration planning, and growing diversity along its banks, Kheel’s installation is a call to contemplate the complexities of the river and an invitation to inform its future.

Most Angelenos think of the L.A. River as unappealing, dirty, and dangerous. By transposing the river into felt Kheel softens the harsh reality of this waterway. Stuffed and sewn felt imbues a tactile and inviting quality and recalls a children’s felt board, where the objects take on a narrative quality.

In contemplating the future of the L.A. River, felt’s miraculous natural binding properties can provide inspiration and vision. What is the cultural fiber that binds millions of diverse residents who call Los Angeles home? Can clues be found at the bottom of the L.A. River?

Billy Kheel is an artistwho lives and works near the Los Angeles River. His work has been shown at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, GATE Projects, and PØST Gallery. He has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, and The Eastsider LA.