Summercamp Project Project, a Seriously Gorgeous Art Space

photo 2Look at that shit. Is there a more gorgeous art space in the world? I’ve heard about Summercamp Project Project for years and I was excited to take part in an exhibition this year. Besides being totally beautiful, the slow roll of change that is going on with the house itself is an inspiration. This time around the backyard was getting cut into levels and this provided exciting new spaces for art, like a perfectly formed racetrack for a dying mini-Hummer.

photo 1I also loved this mini-space called the goat room where the former owners actually used to house goats and now it has super-cool sculpture like this one.
photo 3bThe opening included music and of course the long distance hug from the surrounding El Sereno hills. By all means, sign up for the Summercamp Project Project mailing list and swing by for a truly distinct Los Angeles art experience.

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