MARKET Silverlake: Manual Text Dispensary

Located just north of the sprawling 101 homeless encampments, nestled amongst Silverlake’s most crowded strip of auto repair shops, is the newest art space in the nine double oh two six:IMG_1174MARKET Silverlake is Abstract Textualist Jonmarc Edwards new Silverlake art space. The first show is called “The Debriti Show” and it takes the form of a marijuana dispensary that has somehow forgotten to sell marijuana and instead traffics in laser cut text letters:IMG_1177The plants are a great touch. The show included two performances where there were actual text sales people and all kinds of marijuana dispensary schwag:IMG_1178Beyond the marijuana dispensary conceit, Edwards got down to his bread and butter text abstractions and they are cool as shit:IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1182I particularly liked this piece, both for its unexpected poetry and the fact that visitors (kids included) were free to play with the letters and arrange them as they saw fit:IMG_1175The lack of pretension was refreshing nowadays when so many LA galleries pretend to be cool with audience participation but act beyond horrified if your kid does something unexpected with their precious little art object (looking at you Charlie James Gallery).

MARKET also has what seems like a small jewelry counter nestled in with the faux marijuana dispensary and abstracted text art. Overall this was a fun show and I hope for more from this new little bodega of art.

MARKET in Silverlake
612 SIlverlake Blvd LA CA 90026