Visiting the Denver Art Museum

IMG_2060While I was in Denver for the opening of my show (SKYHIGH at the Black Book Gallery) my buddy and I took a little trip to the Denver Art Museum.IMG_2061The museum had its fair share of lesser work from Great Museum Artists, like this Claes Oldenburg broom but also mixed in some newer and more exciting contemporary artists.IMG_2071Like this Ben Jackel hand wood crafted drone (with super cool shadows) and this Matthew Brannon Knife mural (which makes an excellent photo op).IMG_2072But the museum wasn’t all cool hipster artists from NYC and LA, there was also some interesting African Art mixed in with the new stuff.IMG_2066 IMG_2067As well as some contemporary African art like this El Anatsui wall piece.IMG_2064Which, like a lot of the pieces in the museum, had a dramatic and unusual shadow:IMG_2065I also really enjoyed being able to get up close to this Nick Cave sculpture. Look at this awesome shit.IMG_2070 IMG_2069It’s funny because if there is a show here in LA of “Stuff from the Permanent Collection” I’ll generally stay away and think that its going to be super boring. But in a different city, looking at all the stuff from the permanent collection turns into an engaging high quality group show. And, if you don’t like any of the art you can always grab some legal weed and trip out on the sky and crazy architecture.IMG_2062 IMG_2073Yeah, that’s my thumb.