DOSSHAUS at Gregorio Escalante Gallery with My Daughter

My daughter and I went to check out the DOSSHAUS Show in Chinatown. On the way over there we ran into this bonkers art car:IMG_2247The car was being packed up with art by an artist who’s show had just closed in Chinatown and he was very nice and let us check it out. Then we went into the DOSSHAUS exhibit:IMG_2299 IMG_2288IMG_2289They have a really neat cardboard style that they paint with black, white and grey paint. The pieces are cartoonish and seem to be vibrating. The stripped down nature of the art, coupled with their stylistic focus made me think DOSSHAUS are like the White Stripes of cardboard art. We went downstairs and I realized I was probably on to something:IMG_2298IMG_2294DUUUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN DUN.  I think cardboard purists might be critical of the engineering of some of their cardboard pieces, but they are inventive in trying their style in different forms, like black and white posters:IMG_2290And photographed performance pieces with themselves and larger cardboard pieces (my daughter liked this one):IMG_2297They also had elegant knickknacks that were very reasonably priced, like these little watches: IMG_2291Underlying the whole show was an obvious ambition and work ethic, but they never took themselves too seriously. There is a dead cockroach at the dinner table after all.IMG_2248Overall, I’m pretty excited to see what this duo does next. My daughter wanted to get back and ponder the wacky art car.IMG_2246