Stitch Fetish 4: An Erotic, Stitched Group Show

SF7In February I had work in a group show called “Stitch Fetish 4” at the Hive Gallery. The show was curated by the unstoppable Ellen Schinderman. Truth be told, this is my 2nd time in this show and it is always has a great variety of stitched artwork with varying degrees of eroticism. In fact, this year was actually less graphic than years past and I think this was a good thing, as the really graphic sex art work can overwhelm some of the humor and ambiguity that less overt erotic art can express.SF8SF5 Check out that hair! Damn! I am always inspired by the inventive use of different materials and techniques assembled in one show. Check out this funny butt, lightly stuffed and dressed with lace:SF1Or this embroidery on photo technique that I might try somewhere down the road: SF4 Ellen also organized a panel discussion onĀ gender, sexuality and art that I took part in along with artists Emma Rose Laughlin, Luke Haynes and Ashley V Blalock. Like the show itself, I loved how Ellen took a pretty simple idea (with a catchy name) and really dug deeper for a discussion about craft versus art, the history of craft forms and finally evolving definitions of “women’s work”. I hope Ellen keeps moderating these kind of forums, she was mad good at it.

Finally, here are the girls I had in the show:SF6