Pixelated City by Andy Bauch

lego_LA1I made it to the closing party for Andy Bauch’s Pixelated City as the Los Angeles County Store. Let’s just say, things at this show deserved a closer look:lego_LA2FULL DISCLOSURE: I was intimately involvedwith the selection of the artist for this show. I did an LA River Art Project at the LA County Store and then sat on the jury to select the next year’s worth of artists. I think we all agreed this guy had cool stuff.lego_LA3 lego_LA4I must admit I wanted him to do a piece that took up the whole space, like one large panorama of an LA neighborhood. But I can understand wanting to divide the work up into smaller pieces for more of a classic (and probably more sell-able) art show feel.lego_LA7I actually think one of the most interesting things about the show was my camera phone’s reaction to it. Because the pieces are modeled after pixelated images the camera was tricked into correcting the lego-ized images and making them appear less digitally blocky and more real. I think I was able to get around this by keeping the flash off and getting closer, but it was an interesting phenomenon. I’m not sure the city is digital so much as our vision, or the visions we share, are digital to a fault.lego_LA5 lego_LA6