Art & Spirit at The Shatto Chapel

I went down to this art show in a church that I mentioned in my BK Art Round-Up March 17th to 20th, 2016. My first thought was that I hadn’t been in a church on a Sunday morning in a long while.artspirit7Let alone one where they were hanging up some Ed Ruschas in a group show with religious undertones.artspirit2 artspirit1Ruscha’s work is so poetic and elastic that in whatever setting it seems to raise questions about everything. Two words with some shading and yet you think about tattoos, bars, Latino names, origami and religion.artspirit4 artspirit6The other thing I liked about this show is Koonsian production value applied to religious themes. Has anybody let him do a church yet?artspirit5I liked the fact that the show wasn’t cheer leading for religion and the church, but was willing to take some more ambiguous positions. This banana Warhol snake is a good example of confusing things. This makes me want to a show in a church. Cool lighting too.