A Metal Garden Grows in Silverlake

I took a walk around my neighborhood of Silverlake and lo and behold what I found:metal_yard3IS THIS SOME METAL ALIEN LIFE FORM DISGUISING ITSELF AMONGST OUR SUCCULENTS??? Am I in danger?
Then I noticed there were even more of these aluminum yard sculptures. metal_yard1Is this some kind of Burning Man training exercise?? Is the air pollution and lack of ozone layer turning our yards metallic??? This discovery raises so many more questions than it answers. Look, the whole yard has metal accents like these animals that seem to match a metal fence in the back:metal_yard2Maybe this person had a bunch of leftover metal after they bought the house and immediately wrapped it in a shiny Modernist fence (which is apparently the law now in Los Angeles). Or maybe its all some under-cover art exhibit. I found this on Redesdale, the metal stuff is even on Google Maps so its been there for a little while. If anyone has any information on this metallic display please contact me ASAP. We deserve to know.metal_yard_map