Of Shirts and Boring Performance Art

frau5I was excited for this sewing performance, at the time I was even heard to say, “This 12 hour sewing performance commemorates the death of 146 factory workers in a garment factory fire in Manhattan 105 years ago. Since that fire there have been many more garment factory deaths, but they take place in Bangladesh and Pakistan so we don’t have to think about them anymore. Maybe we should.” Boy, was I wrong. This was boring and only made me think about better performance art.

frau2Right off the bat I was repelled by the bossy entrance text. OK, they get breaks, are you paying them? Are they paid in breaks and awkward silence?frau3The self guided viewing aisle was even more repellent. What are you the fucking Mona Lisa? Also, look how that woman is looking at my daughter. Jesus, you’d think she saw that rat sneak into the room that she knew was coming. This is the next generation of art lovers and makers, let’s get them excited about art – not treat them like vermin.frau1And here was the end result of the production, these shirts. All about the same size so you’re not tempted to try them on or buy them or do anything interesting or engaging with them. Oh yeah, you can see the yellow line there, better step back!frau7This performance could of used a healthy dose of Vito Acconci wacking off under the table. If you are going to charge a space with awkwardness at least go all the way with it.