One Crazy Ass Car Museum

pederson1I had family in town and it was raining so we decided to go check out the newly revamped Peterson Automotive Museum. If you are near Fairfax, you can’t miss it – look at that bonkers metal skin on that place. That skin is emblematic of the whole enterprise, the people in charge are funneling a ton of Big Auto money at a pretty entertaining museum-going experience.pederson3I really liked some the random displays that had going there. This display of antique car crap looks really cool and clean. Similarly, this display of the stuff it took to make a car in the old days is “Neato Toledo”:pederson4There was a plethora of movie and TV show cars, almost too many and they could have been “curated” better. They all seemed to be just jammed into each room. My favorite was this old school Batman motorcycle with the dope logo:pederson2Overall, it would be impossible to leave this museum and not be somewhat impressed with American ingenuity and creativity. America basically took a steam powered tricycle invented by some Frog and made this out of it:pederson5