Gettin’ Shinique With It

Shinique_Smith1My bro and I went down to the new gigantic gallery in the downtown arts district – Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. I don’t even understand this place. Its like some new gallery museum hybrid where nothing seems to be for sale but they have tons of money for a giant funky building and a crapload of security guards.Shinique_Smith3I really liked the work of Shinique Smith that was in one of the humongous hallways (as opposed to the four humongous galleries or the humongous common space). Look at this installation:Shinique_Smith2 Shinique_Smith6Smith takes a bunch of different kinds of fabric and blankets and sleeping bags and makes unexpected forms out of them. The work is cool both from a distance where they criss cross and recede through space, but also from close-up where you can see the weird shit she used to make the installation.Shinique_Smith4I can see a lot of Mike Kelley influence and it was a good move to use these long cord like forms as opposed to big balls like Kelley did with his stuffed animals. That would have been a little too similar.Shinique_Smith5All in all this was a fun, photogenic installation that really did a good job showing off the raw-dog industrial space of the gallery. Or maybe I’m slightly overstating it because this was the only art in the place where you could take a photo of it without having four hipsterish security guards jump all over you.