Garages of LA: Sedi Pak’s Sculpture Studio

Due to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Summary of Parking Regulations
Regular Provision Sec. 12.21A4 all single family houses in Los Angeles must have at least two spaces for cars, preferably in the form of a garage. However, the actual population of Los Angeles has grown less dependent on those two cars and has started to figure out other things to do with that city-mandated parking space. I am looking to find out what they are doing.

I first noticed that Sedi Pak’s garage wasn’t just a garage while walking around my neighborhood when her large rolling door was open and I could make out some peculiar Suessian forms within. This was a surprise, because I was walking down the nearby alley, which is not the best part of the neighborhood. From that walk forward I suspected something interesting was going on in there beyond covered car space and I was excited when Sedi and I connected online and I was invited to see her sculpture studio where she was also having a month long art show.

sedi1I was immediately struck by how beautiful the studio is. Polished concrete floors, skylights, gorgeous light and space. Never had an old jalopy dripped oil in this receptacle of inspiration and contemplation.

sedi2The sculptures themselves were even better than I could have imagined on my fateful alley walk. These sculptures are finely crafted pieces of woodworking. At once imposingly physical and lightly ephemeral. The sculptures told little narratives to me and felt like they were moving, dropping and flipping like a Road Runner cartoon even while I could see the wood and glue that made them.

sedi5sedi3They also seemed to be having conversations with each other, hollering intestine worm gurgles through giant horn heads. They were like vintage Dr. Suess old lady hearing aids hybridized with J.A.R.V.I.S. from Ironman.

sedi6 They were also vaguely funny and oddly sexual, especially when you stared down the gaping maw of one of their assembled wooden cone mouths. Do they suck? Do they blow? Am I suppose to imagine sticking something down there?

sedi4I had been walking down this alley, by this garage structure, for over four years before I realized that there was an ambitious sculpture studio and occasional art showroom inside. I am very inspired by the fact that Sedi Pak is doing this as opposed to parking two cars in there.