Bill’s Bar Opening: Austin England

billsbar3My wife and I have been partaking of a novel new way to Date Night in Los Angeles, it’s called “walking”. We actually put one foot in front of the other and walk around our Silverlake neighborhood looking for sustenance and adventures. There has been a mind blowing array of new options for eating & drinking, but unfortunately the cultural offerings have suffered as a result. Who can afford an art space when there’s some farm-to-table cocktail foodie chef ready to pay $6K a month for the same space? That is why we were so excited to be able to walk to an art opening at “Bill’s Bar” on Sunset Blvd.billsbar2The artist’s name is Austin England and he also a tattoo-er (tattoo-ist?). His work takes the conventions of tattoos – the simplified colors, bold lines and tattoo flash compositions and personalizes them with a sense of humor and a certain restraint. Check these out, I love the booby smile:

billsbar1   billsbar4As if that wasn’t enough England also augments some of his pieces with neon, which looks really cool especially with a cute hipster chick in front of it. If you are looking to add cute hipster chicks to your giant downtown loft I suggest getting some of these pieces for them to stand in front of: billsbar5This was a really fun exhibit and they gave out “Bill’s Bar” beer cozies at the bar which is just an awesome touch. Let’s keep an eye on this space, it looks promising.