How to Make Some Scared Looking Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Here is a simple way to make some scared looking pumpkins with felt and glue. If live in a hot climate, like I do, then pumpkins will deflate in a few days after you carve them. These felt decorated pumpkins will last much longer. You will need black, white, blue and green felt, scissors, pins and glue. To get started download this pdf and print it. You can cut this template up and use it like this:

scared pumpkins how to

Pin this template directly to the colors of felt you want to cut. I started here with black, after this I did the white, the green and the blue felt:

scared pumpkins how to

Ok now you have all the felt bits cut out. Refer to the pdf again and assemble the pumpkins. Now glue these babies together and then glue them to the pumpkin (if you are in a hurry use hot glue to stick them to the pumpkin, I don’t think they can feel it):

scared pumpkins how to

BAM! Now your done. What I love about these pumpkins is they make very photogenic foils in photographs:

scared pumpkins how to b

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