Loaf of Bread

The ball spurted out of Adam’s hand like a greased coconut and went bouncing away from both him and the horde of eighth graders chasing him. The rules of Smear the Queer were pretty simple, pick up the ball and run from everyone else who was trying to catch and tackle you. The ball scooted… Read More

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Like a Twig

It was a chilly Tuesday morning in November when the rickety yellow school bus pulled up to the end of our street to pick us up for school. Our street was the last stop on the main road before the bus went deep into the woods to pick up the kids that lived around Chebacco… Read More

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Air Jordan Pennant EXPLAINED

I had this idea to tell a history of a person through their sports team affiliations. I thought a great sportsman to start with would be Michael Jordan, so I made a pennant that features all the teams he played for in his career. Let’s test your Michael Jordan knowledge, GO: Can you imagine being… Read More

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Boston Baseball Pennant Explained

I made this Boston Baseball Pennant as a foundation piece for the Boston baseball shrine. Here I am going to explain all the visuals references in this eight foot by five foot felt applique pennant. Grab a cup a chowdah and lets do this! The Boston Americans even won the 1903 World Series! Yet still… Read More

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A Small Cloud in the Sky

I was sixteen years old and all I wanted was a pair of Air Jordans. A few of the cool older guys at my high school had them and I used to covet those shoes. This is wintry New England where the dominant style was L.L. Bean. These older dudes used to wear them nonchalantly,… Read More

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SKYHIGH Show at Blackbook Gallery

I recently had a show in Denver at Black Book Gallery. The show was called “SKYHIGH” and featured felt appliqué portraits of athletes from a variety of sports that have all smoked marijuana…. Read More


Eric Dickerson Gets Chain Ganged!

Made a trip to East LA today to pick up Eric Dickerson. I can’t wait to sew this sucker down. The hair is a chenille stitch while the lips and lettering are swirling chain stitch…. Read More


The Boz

I stopped by the Chain Gang World Headquarters yesterday and picked up the Brian Bosworth piece. Ed and Tommy really went all out on the stitching on this dude. Need to sew it down, but I’m psyched with how its coming along…… Read More