Wooden Iron Horses

The other day I found myself at Mr.Churro, a next level churro infuser (literally, these churros are stuffed with chocolate and shit) in a hall down under Olvera Street. I walked out and noticed this sweet sign:… Read More


Fucking Lasers!

How fucking awesome is it that we live in an era when we have ready access to LASERS!?!?! I went down to The Build Shop recently and learned me some lasers! CNC machines and anything that is NOT lasers suck at cutting fabric because the blade moves the fabric around and messes it up (unless… Read More


Imagining the Future of the L.A. River CAFAM Craft Night

In September I did a Craft Night Workshop at CAFAM (The Craft and Folk Art Museum) about “Imagining the Future of the L.A. River”. We had a great turnout of about 60 hardcore beer drinking crafters:We set up a river wall for everyone to hang their L.A. River creations as one installations. People came up… Read More

cafam river

Summercamp Project Project, a Seriously Gorgeous Art Space

Look at that shit. Is there a more gorgeous art space in the world? I’ve heard about Summercamp Project Project for years and I was excited to take part in an exhibition this year. Besides being totally beautiful, the slow roll of change that is going on with the house itself is an inspiration. This… Read More


Starr King Middle School’s Kick Ass Art Panels

Parent groups in Los Angeles are badass. The parent group that supports Starr King Middle School decided to beautify the campus by enlisting a bunch of local artists to create art panels for the fence around the school. Normally a “group of local artists” doesn’t include a guy that created a poster that elected a… Read More


The Watts Tower: Never Underestimate a Guy with a Crazy Idea

Personally, I have always been a sucker for the work of a lone, crazy guy that creates something completely wild and new out of trash. From Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle to Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, there really is no limit to what one man with a bunch of junk and crazy idea can get done…. Read More


Hot Rods at the Art Park

The Barnsdall Art Park has a funny feeling about it when you go up there. Originally planned as a “progressive theatrical community” by the eccentric heiress of an oil fortune it feels like a place that was once striving to create great cultural things but has since been somewhat forgotten in the vast cultural landscape… Read More