Magic Powers DIY Article

“We approach a space tucked away in the back of the complex. A man of stature greets us with a wide grin and a bouncy gait. Billy Kheel, felt artist extraordinaire, invites us inside his workshop…”Thanks Magic Powers DIY! Click here for the full article…… Read More

Craft Night at The Craft and Folk Art Museum

I had a great time leading a workshop at the Craft and Fold Art Museum last Thursday night. The workshop was outdoors in their gorgeous courtyard: I made templates for the patches that we made, but it was awesome how people freestyled and used the templates to make their own designs:… Read More


Mike Kelley at MOCA Geffen

Mike Kelley is an amazing artist and he really deserves a better retrospective then the one they have over at the MOCA Geffen right now. The layout of the show is terrible, much of the work you would want to see is squirreled away in weird cavernous spaces that are haphazard and to hard to… Read More


Craft Night at CAFAM Felt Animal Patches with Billy Kheel

Gettin’ ready for this: Craft Night at CAFAM Felt Animal Patches with Billy Kheel Thursday, May 1 | 7:00–9:00pm (CAFAM galleries open at 6:30pm) *Project Demonstrations at 7:00pm & 7:30pm $8/ Free for Members (includes materials, drinks, and snacks) In the Courtyard Join artist Billy Kheel to make funky patches that will be ready… Read More

Little Mermaid Gun

What do you get the little Ariel that has everything? A mermaid AK-47! Now we just have to work on that grip…… Read More