The Boz

I stopped by the Chain Gang World Headquarters yesterday and picked up the Brian Bosworth piece. Ed and Tommy really went all out on the stitching on this dude. Need to sew it down, but I’m psyched with how its coming along…… Read More


Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder

I’ve been working on a Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder for an LA Beer Week show at Luz De Jesus Gallery in September. First things first, draw: Then, use that drawing as a plan to cut up a bunch of felt:… Read More

bukowski draw

Peter Haynes Studio Visit

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Cambridge studio of sculptor Peter Haynes. His studio is a beautiful warehouse space near the Charles River and the MIT campus. An entire wall of the studio, extending three floors, is a giant piece of opaque plastic which gives the entire space a diffuse and unique light…. Read More