Art & Spirit at The Shatto Chapel

I went down to this art show in a church that I mentioned in my BK Art Round-Up March 17th to 20th, 2016. My first thought was that I hadn’t been in a church on a Sunday morning in a long while.Let alone one where they were hanging up some Ed Ruschas in a group… Read More


Pixelated City by Andy Bauch

I made it to the closing party for Andy Bauch’s Pixelated City as the Los Angeles County Store. Let’s just say, things at this show deserved a closer look:FULL DISCLOSURE: I was intimately involved… Read More

lego LA

DOSSHAUS at Gregorio Escalante Gallery with My Daughter

My daughter and I went to check out the DOSSHAUS Show in Chinatown. On the way over there we ran into this bonkers art car:The car was being packed up with art by an artist who’s show had just closed in Chinatown and he was very nice and let us check it out. Then we… Read More


Visiting the Denver Art Museum

While I was in Denver for the opening of my show (SKYHIGH at the Black Book Gallery) my buddy and I took a little trip to the Denver Art Museum.The museum had its fair share of lesser work from Great Museum Artists™, like this Claes Oldenburg broom but also mixed in some newer and more… Read More


SKYHIGH Show at Blackbook Gallery

I recently had a show in Denver at Black Book Gallery. The show was called “SKYHIGH” and featured felt appliquĂ© portraits of athletes from a variety of sports that have all smoked marijuana…. Read More


MARKET Silverlake: Manual Text Dispensary

Located just north of the sprawling 101 homeless encampments, nestled amongst Silverlake’s most crowded strip of auto repair shops, is the newest art space in the nine double oh two six:MARKET Silverlake is Abstract Textualist Jonmarc Edwards new Silverlake art space. The first show is called “The Debriti Show” and it takes the form of… Read More


DABSMYLA at the Modernica Factory

Went down to the Modernica Factory South of Downtown LA to check out the takeover the street artists DABSMYLA did down there. I went with some of my favorite flying art lovers:… Read More


Wooden Iron Horses

The other day I found myself at Mr.Churro, a next level churro infuser (literally, these churros are stuffed with chocolate and shit) in a hall down under Olvera Street. I walked out and noticed this sweet sign:… Read More


Fucking Lasers!

How fucking awesome is it that we live in an era when we have ready access to LASERS!?!?! I went down to The Build Shop recently and learned me some lasers! CNC machines and anything that is NOT lasers suck at cutting fabric because the blade moves the fabric around and messes it up (unless… Read More