How the Sausage Is Made…

I got a pillow order from LA County Store, which is an awesome shop here in Silverlake. Here are some process shots of the 24 Hour Donut pillows coming together…… Read More

hourpillow process

Sparkleblob Fundraiser

I participated in a fundraiser for one of the coolest organizations in LA – Sparkleblob!The Holiday Puppet Show, Craft Night and Gothtober, Sparkleblob does it all awesomely. Here are the pieces I donated being sung to by a troubadour:… Read More


Studio Visit: Jim Ovelman

Had a chance to stop by the studio of Jim Ovelman, who makes really cool art. His whole studio is painted Green Screen Green™ so anything shot in there can be keyed out later in post-production. I also really liked his paintings which are made from millions of little marker marks…. Read More