Bamboo Ya!

Bamboo. That invasive, kind of creepy plant last seen stabbing skyward on my side of the fence between me and my neighbors houses is front and center at the Ai Weiwei: Life Cycle show at the Marciano Foundation…. Read More

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Making It Behind The Scenes Part 1

One morning in the late winter of 2017 I got an email from my buddy Shane Reilly that read simply, “Hey man! Let’s get on this show together!” and included a link to a Google doc form. The form had a bunch of questions about crafting and making stuff and asked for some photos of… Read More

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The Burrito Jacket EXPLAINED

I sent an appliqued jacket up to the Jacket and Patch Art Show at WorkshopSF in San Francisco that I named “The Burrito Jacket”. I took inspiration for this jacket from some of my favorite burrito spots in Los Angeles and San Francisco. You might think I’m just a taco guy: But nothing could be… Read More

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A Small Cloud in the Sky

I was sixteen years old and all I wanted was a pair of Air Jordans. A few of the cool older guys at my high school had them and I used to covet those shoes. This is wintry New England where the dominant style was L.L. Bean. These older dudes used to wear them nonchalantly,… Read More

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The Dissected Frog Banner Explained

I curated a fiber art group show in the Frogtown section of Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make for the show myself, until I saw the art work sent in by Aubrey Longley-Cook. Aubrey made cross stitch versions of a dissected frog and the famous meme of Kermit The Frog… Read More

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ART NIGHT OUT: Reine Paradis at Avenue des Arts

A new gallery opened up in downtown Los Angeles near my old stomping grounds where I used to sublet a small studio space. I decided to go down and check it out. The location of the gallery intrigued me. It is located adjacent to a couple of other downtown districts, the Fabric District and the… Read More


Art’s Revenge

Once in a quartermoon, Art Moura comes steaming down the western seaboard in his monstrous art car, packing all sorts of material transmissions from his empty commune in Northern California. By firelight, often chewing on a singed lizard, Art invents artifacts from a religion in his mind. A tapestry to the fallen earth mother, her… Read More

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Marciano Foundation: Shaw-tie on the Loose!

Anybody that has lived in Los Angeles has driven by this weird ass building on Wilshire with the giant, white, Colonial-era dude sculptures on it. Well, recently the Marciano family bought it and are using it to house a gigantic art collection they bought with all that Gap money. The interior of the building is… Read More

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