Clare Graham at the Craft & Folk Art Museum

One day about 3 years ago, my brother and I wondered into the MorYork Gallery in Highland Park. We were blown away. I would highly recommend going there and meeting Clare Graham and seeing his amazing work. Clare and his partner take a van to different Swap Meets in Los Angeles each day and Clare… Read More

photo CG

Trencher Opening: Sunset Stitches

Thanks to everyone that came out to Trencher for the opening of Sunset Stitches! Also big thanks to Hussein Katz and DJ Beefer Sutherland! The show will be up until Nov 4, so get there fast because the work is selling fast!… Read More


Sparkleblob Fundraiser

I participated in a fundraiser for one of the coolest organizations in LA – Sparkleblob!The Holiday Puppet Show, Craft Night and Gothtober, Sparkleblob does it all awesomely. Here are the pieces I donated being sung to by a troubadour:… Read More


Mike Kelley at MOCA Geffen

Mike Kelley is an amazing artist and he really deserves a better retrospective then the one they have over at the MOCA Geffen right now. The layout of the show is terrible, much of the work you would want to see is squirreled away in weird cavernous spaces that are haphazard and to hard to… Read More


Studio Visit to SCHINDERMANIA!

I stopped by the studio/apartment/LA Art Museum of the supremely talented Ellen Schinderman this week. She’s curating a show called Stitch Fetish 2 on Feb 8 (at the Hive Gallery, if you’re in LA you should come!) and I was there to drop off some work. I was blown away by her work, check out… Read More