Gothtober: Day 26

Its that time of year again….GOTHTOBER! Check out Day 26 for a Hipster Halloween Coloring book, or buy your own here.  … Read More

halloween hipster tease cover

Craft and Folk Art Museum

Had a cool meeting yesterday over at CAFAM. More stuff coming soon with these homies and their surprisingly cool, not at all “granny art”, museum…… Read More

Cannibal Flower 13th Anniversary Show

One of the most fun things about living in LA is that you might get invited to show in some random group show in a shitty neighborhood but when you turn onto the shitty street you’ve passed a million times and take an unexpected left turn you end up seeing a cool space for the… Read More

La Luz De Jesus Beer is Art Opening

Here is a photo from the L.A. Beer Week art opening over at La Luz De Jesus Gallery. That’s my Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder in the middle there. The show will be up until September 29 but I think the free beer ran out…. Read More

Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder

I’ve been working on a Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder for an LA Beer Week show at Luz De Jesus Gallery in September. First things first, draw: Then, use that drawing as a plan to cut up a bunch of felt:… Read More

bukowski draw

Paper Tiger

I have a tiger in the Monkeyhouse Toys show “Paper Trail” on view until August 11. The tiger is made out of Superfab which is technically paper, I guess…. Read More


Urs Fischer: Art for Facebook

I took my daughter to check out the new Urs Fischer exhibit down at the MOCA on Grand. The art was expensive looking and mildly interesting but there really wasn’t enough of it to justify the twelve dollar entrance fee…. Read More