How to Make a L.A. Thankful Cell Phone Tower Tree

It’s that time of year again when we come together and express our thankfulness together by chowing and watching football. I love it. I designed a unique L.A. Thankful Tree that is a actually a disguised cell phone tower. I put the template for it here. If you are looking for something to do today,… Read More

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How to Make a Chef Curry Patch

In honor of Complexcon, where I saw a surprising amount of Golden State Warriors jerseys in Long Beach, I’m posting this How to Make a Chef Curry Patch. First thing you need to do is download the template by clicking here. OK now that you have that, cut the pieces out and pin them to… Read More

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How to Make Some Scared Looking Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Here is a simple way to make some scared looking pumpkins with felt and glue. If live in a hot climate, like I do, then pumpkins will deflate in a few days after you carve them. These felt decorated pumpkins will last much longer. You will need black, white, blue and green felt,… Read More

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Making It Behind The Scenes Part 1

One morning in the late winter of 2017 I got an email from my buddy Shane Reilly that read simply, “Hey man! Let’s get on this show together!” and included a link to a Google doc form. The form had a bunch of questions about crafting and making stuff and asked for some photos of… Read More

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How To Make An Indonesian Fire Bat

My mom grew up in Indonesia before she moved to Boston. She would often tell my brother and I stories about her and her sister using slingshots to shoot down giant bats when they lived in Indonesia. Much later in Los Angeles I saw an art show of alterno-taxidermy that featured what was called an… Read More

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Air Jordan Pennant EXPLAINED

I had this idea to tell a history of a person through their sports team affiliations. I thought a great sportsman to start with would be Michael Jordan, so I made a pennant that features all the teams he played for in his career. Let’s test your Michael Jordan knowledge, GO: Can you imagine being… Read More

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The Burrito Jacket EXPLAINED

I sent an appliqued jacket up to the Jacket and Patch Art Show at WorkshopSF in San Francisco that I named “The Burrito Jacket”. I took inspiration for this jacket from some of my favorite burrito spots in Los Angeles and San Francisco. You might think I’m just a taco guy: But nothing could be… Read More

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How To Make a Meathead Mask

This is one of those masks that can be used with multiple different costumes. You can be a meathead sports fan with a jersey or a meathead from the Jersey Shore with a tight shirt. The only limit is your imagination. So lets get started and you on your way to awesome meatheadedness. First of… Read More

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Boston Baseball Pennant Explained

I made this Boston Baseball Pennant as a foundation piece for the Boston baseball shrine. Here I am going to explain all the visuals references in this eight foot by five foot felt applique pennant. Grab a cup a chowdah and lets do this! The Boston Americans even won the 1903 World Series! Yet still… Read More

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A Small Cloud in the Sky

I was sixteen years old and all I wanted was a pair of Air Jordans. A few of the cool older guys at my high school had them and I used to covet those shoes. This is wintry New England where the dominant style was L.L. Bean. These older dudes used to wear them nonchalantly,… Read More

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