How To Make a Felt Applique Red Race Car

Here’s how to make a felt applique red race car. Get some felt, some pins, scissors, tracing paper, pencil, thread and needle and let’s get going! Click here to download a pdf of the race car. This car is sized 25″ x 12″ but feel free to resize it. Use the local office store’s print… Read More

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The Dissected Frog Banner Explained

I curated a fiber art group show in the Frogtown section of Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make for the show myself, until I saw the art work sent in by Aubrey Longley-Cook. Aubrey made cross stitch versions of a dissected frog and the famous meme of Kermit The Frog… Read More

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I’m getting ready for a Dodger themed show at Cofax. Here are a some WIPs. Please take care to notice the elements in the background. Sandy Koufax. Space and time…. Read More

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Gettin’ Shinique With It

My bro and I went down to the new gigantic gallery in the downtown arts district – Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. I don’t even understand this place. Its like some new gallery museum hybrid where nothing seems to be for sale but they have tons of money for a giant funky building and a crapload… Read More

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SKYHIGH Show at Blackbook Gallery

I recently had a show in Denver at Black Book Gallery. The show was called “SKYHIGH” and featured felt appliqué portraits of athletes from a variety of sports that have all smoked marijuana…. Read More


Fucking Lasers!

How fucking awesome is it that we live in an era when we have ready access to LASERS!?!?! I went down to The Build Shop recently and learned me some lasers! CNC machines and anything that is NOT lasers suck at cutting fabric because the blade moves the fabric around and messes it up (unless… Read More


Imagining the Future of the L.A. River CAFAM Craft Night

In September I did a Craft Night Workshop at CAFAM (The Craft and Folk Art Museum) about “Imagining the Future of the L.A. River”. We had a great turnout of about 60 hardcore beer drinking crafters:We set up a river wall for everyone to hang their L.A. River creations as one installations. People came up… Read More

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