A Small Cloud in the Sky

I was sixteen years old and all I wanted was a pair of Air Jordans. A few of the cool older guys at my high school had them and I used to covet those shoes. This is wintry New England where the dominant style was L.L. Bean. These older dudes used to wear them nonchalantly,… Read More

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Marciano Foundation: Shaw-tie on the Loose!

Anybody that has lived in Los Angeles has driven by this weird ass building on Wilshire with the giant, white, Colonial-era dude sculptures on it. Well, recently the Marciano family bought it and are using it to house a gigantic art collection they bought with all that Gap money. The interior of the building is… Read More

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I went down to the new CB-1 Gallery to check out “JOAN BROWN HERSELF”. After fighting through mind-boggling extreme construction we came upon the Neo-SOHO gallery space that CB-1 splits with a few other blue chippy looking galleries. The project room Joan Brown’s work was in seemed small but it still head several very large… Read More


DABSMYLA at the Modernica Factory

Went down to the Modernica Factory South of Downtown LA to check out the takeover the street artists DABSMYLA did down there. I went with some of my favorite flying art lovers:… Read More


Starr King Middle School’s Kick Ass Art Panels

Parent groups in Los Angeles are badass. The parent group that supports Starr King Middle School decided to beautify the campus by enlisting a bunch of local artists to create art panels for the fence around the school. Normally a “group of local artists” doesn’t include a guy that created a poster that elected a… Read More


Trencher Opening: Sunset Stitches

Thanks to everyone that came out to Trencher for the opening of Sunset Stitches! Also big thanks to Hussein Katz and DJ Beefer Sutherland! The show will be up until Nov 4, so get there fast because the work is selling fast!… Read More


Cannibal Flower 13th Anniversary Show

One of the most fun things about living in LA is that you might get invited to show in some random group show in a shitty neighborhood but when you turn onto the shitty street you’ve passed a million times and take an unexpected left turn you end up seeing a cool space for the… Read More