Bamboo Ya!

Bamboo. That invasive, kind of creepy plant last seen stabbing skyward on my side of the fence between me and my neighbors houses is front and center at the Ai Weiwei: Life Cycle show at the Marciano Foundation…. Read More

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How to Make a L.A. Thankful Cell Phone Tower Tree

It’s that time of year again when we come together and express our thankfulness together by chowing and watching football. I love it. I designed a unique L.A. Thankful Tree that is a actually a disguised cell phone tower. I put the template for it here. If you are looking for something to do today,… Read More

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Marciano Foundation: Shaw-tie on the Loose!

Anybody that has lived in Los Angeles has driven by this weird ass building on Wilshire with the giant, white, Colonial-era dude sculptures on it. Well, recently the Marciano family bought it and are using it to house a gigantic art collection they bought with all that Gap money. The interior of the building is… Read More

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Kerry James Marshall: Master Blaster

Kerry James Marshall confronts you with giant, sign-like paintings whose unique and vast vocabulary demands that you either make up some stories about what is going on, or you let the images, text, patterns and techniques wash over you like dense poetry…. Read More

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One Crazy Ass Car Museum

I had family in town and it was raining so we decided to go check out the newly revamped Peterson Automotive Museum. If you are near Fairfax, you can’t miss it – look at that bonkers metal skin on that place. That skin is emblematic of the whole enterprise, the people in charge are funneling… Read More


A Metal Garden Grows in Silverlake

I took a walk around my neighborhood of Silverlake and lo and behold what I found:IS THIS SOME METAL ALIEN LIFE FORM DISGUISING ITSELF AMONGST OUR SUCCULENTS??? Am I in danger?… Read More

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Art & Spirit at The Shatto Chapel

I went down to this art show in a church that I mentioned in my BK Art Round-Up March 17th to 20th, 2016. My first thought was that I hadn’t been in a church on a Sunday morning in a long while.Let alone one where they were hanging up some Ed Ruschas in a group… Read More


Pixelated City by Andy Bauch

I made it to the closing party for Andy Bauch’s Pixelated City as the Los Angeles County Store. Let’s just say, things at this show deserved a closer look:FULL DISCLOSURE: I was intimately involved… Read More

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DOSSHAUS at Gregorio Escalante Gallery with My Daughter

My daughter and I went to check out the DOSSHAUS Show in Chinatown. On the way over there we ran into this bonkers art car:The car was being packed up with art by an artist who’s show had just closed in Chinatown and he was very nice and let us check it out. Then we… Read More