Air Jordan Pennant EXPLAINED

I had this idea to tell a history of a person through their sports team affiliations. I thought a great sportsman to start with would be Michael Jordan, so I made a pennant that features all the teams he played for in his career. Let’s test your Michael Jordan knowledge, GO: Can you imagine being… Read More

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Boston Baseball Pennant Explained

I made this Boston Baseball Pennant as a foundation piece for the Boston baseball shrine. Here I am going to explain all the visuals references in this eight foot by five foot felt applique pennant. Grab a cup a chowdah and lets do this! The Boston Americans even won the 1903 World Series! Yet still… Read More

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Emotion Pennant Series

I’m currently working on the sketch for the Boredom Pennant from the series Emotion Pennants, on the left is the complete Anxiety Pennant…. Read More

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