I’m getting ready for a Dodger themed show at Cofax. Here are a some WIPs. Please take care to notice the elements in the background. Sandy Koufax. Space and time…. Read More

cofax making of

Garages of LA: Sedi Pak’s Sculpture Studio

Due to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Summary of Parking Regulations Regular Provision Sec. 12.21A4 all single family houses in Los Angeles must have at least two spaces for cars, preferably in the form of a garage. However, the actual population of Los Angeles has grown less dependent on those two cars and… Read More



I went down to the new CB-1 Gallery to check out “JOAN BROWN HERSELF”. After fighting through mind-boggling extreme construction we came upon the Neo-SOHO gallery space that CB-1 splits with a few other blue chippy looking galleries. The project room Joan Brown’s work was in seemed small but it still head several very large… Read More


Of Shirts and Boring Performance Art

I was excited for this sewing performance, at the time I was even heard to say, “This 12 hour sewing performance commemorates the death of 146 factory workers in a garment factory fire in Manhattan 105 years ago. Since that fire there have been many more garment factory deaths, but they take place in Bangladesh… Read More


Wooden Iron Horses

The other day I found myself at Mr.Churro, a next level churro infuser (literally, these churros are stuffed with chocolate and shit) in a hall down under Olvera Street. I walked out and noticed this sweet sign:… Read More


Fucking Lasers!

How fucking awesome is it that we live in an era when we have ready access to LASERS!?!?! I went down to The Build Shop recently and learned me some lasers! CNC machines and anything that is NOT lasers suck at cutting fabric because the blade moves the fabric around and messes it up (unless… Read More


The Watts Tower: Never Underestimate a Guy with a Crazy Idea

Personally, I have always been a sucker for the work of a lone, crazy guy that creates something completely wild and new out of trash. From Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle to Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, there really is no limit to what one man with a bunch of junk and crazy idea can get done…. Read More


Institute of Contemporary Art Boston: Fabric Show

I attended a great fabric show at the ICA in Boston in December last year. There seems to be no mention of it on their website, but I snuck some photos of the work on view. I thought overall the show used fabric materials in an imaginative way that referenced the origins of the fabric… Read More