Getting ready to put a sexy piece in this Stitch Fetish show…. Read More

playboy zebra

Pillow Porn

If you be in the LBC November 17 come over to this thing. There gonna be mad Kheels pillows there…… Read More

El Sereno Hot Tuna

“Now I go a-fishing and a-hunting every day, but omit the fish and the game, which are the least important part.” ? Henry David Thoreau… Read More

Felt BOOM!

This is just the beginning of a piece, but got me thinking, this could be a cool series – felt applique explosions. BOOM!… Read More


Ghost Fish

These are the plans for the big yellowfin tuna I’ve been working on, but I think the tracing paper makes a cool effect in and of itself…. Read More

Hit + Run Studio Visit

I stopped by the headquarters of the world famous Hit + Run CREW yesterday. It’s always fun to venture into the scum dungeon and immerse oneself in the swirl of ink, music, collaboration and anarchy. CREW!… Read More