Eric Dickerson Gets Chain Ganged!

Made a trip to East LA today to pick up Eric Dickerson. I can’t wait to sew this sucker down. The hair is a chenille stitch while the lips and lettering are swirling chain stitch…. Read More


BASS! How Low Can You Go?!?! Felt Wall Hanging

Jimmy Superfly Snuka is my spirit animal. Also, I played this Public Enemy album so much when I was a freshman in high school I recently had an old friend tell me that he thought of me whenever he heard this phrase. I guess I played it pretty loud…. Read More

The Boz

I stopped by the Chain Gang World Headquarters yesterday and picked up the Brian Bosworth piece. Ed and Tommy really went all out on the stitching on this dude. Need to sew it down, but I’m psyched with how its coming along…… Read More