Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder

I’ve been working on a Charles Bukowski Coaster Holder for an LA Beer Week show at Luz De Jesus Gallery in September. First things first, draw: Then, use that drawing as a plan to cut up a bunch of felt:… Read More

bukowski draw

Peter Haynes Studio Visit

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Cambridge studio of sculptor Peter Haynes. His studio is a beautiful warehouse space near the Charles River and the MIT campus. An entire wall of the studio, extending three floors, is a giant piece of opaque plastic which gives the entire space a diffuse and unique light…. Read More


BK MLK Collabo

My daughter and I collaborated on this strip mall sign drawing/plan. My part is in black, hers is in orange. Way to stay in the white, baby!… Read More

Business Rule of Thumb #26

Business Rule of Thumb #26: If there are Madballz in the meeting room then you are in the right place. Cool stuff coming soon with DKE Toys…… Read More

Chain Gangland

I stopped by the world famous Chain Gang studios yesterday to check on the projects we’re working on there.  The above photo is the most I could show of their top secret stitching process. Imagine if Mad Max decided to embroider…. Read More