Institute of Contemporary Art Boston: Fabric Show

I attended a great fabric show at the ICA in Boston in December last year. There seems to be no mention of it on their website, but I snuck some photos of the work on view. I thought overall the show used fabric materials in an imaginative way that referenced the origins of the fabric… Read More


Mike Kelley at MOCA Geffen

Mike Kelley is an amazing artist and he really deserves a better retrospective then the one they have over at the MOCA Geffen right now. The layout of the show is terrible, much of the work you would want to see is squirreled away in weird cavernous spaces that are haphazard and to hard to… Read More


Business Rule of Thumb #26

Business Rule of Thumb #26: If there are Madballz in the meeting room then you are in the right place. Cool stuff coming soon with DKE Toys…… Read More

Urs Fischer: Art for Facebook

I took my daughter to check out the new Urs Fischer exhibit down at the MOCA on Grand. The art was expensive looking and mildly interesting but there really wasn’t enough of it to justify the twelve dollar entrance fee…. Read More


Action Bronson: Gabba Goo as Soulcraft

I have been listening to a lot of Action Bronson lately: He’s a great lyricist who represents a cyclical change in hip hop music that happens about every fifteen years. Rap music devours everything around it and eventually swells to operatic, bloated proportions (see Kanye West’s last album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). Much like… Read More