How to Make a L.A. Thankful Cell Phone Tower Tree

It’s that time of year again when we come together and express our thankfulness together by chowing and watching football. I love it. I designed a unique L.A. Thankful Tree that is a actually a disguised cell phone tower. I put the template for it here. If you are looking for something to do today,… Read More

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How To Make a Felt Applique Red Race Car

Here’s how to make a felt applique red race car. Get some felt, some pins, scissors, tracing paper, pencil, thread and needle and let’s get going! Click here to download a pdf of the race car. This car is sized 25″ x 12″ but feel free to resize it. Use the local office store’s print… Read More

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Art’s Revenge

Once in a quartermoon, Art Moura comes steaming down the western seaboard in his monstrous art car, packing all sorts of material transmissions from his empty commune in Northern California. By firelight, often chewing on a singed lizard, Art invents artifacts from a religion in his mind. A tapestry to the fallen earth mother, her… Read More

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Garages of LA: Sedi Pak’s Sculpture Studio

Due to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Summary of Parking Regulations Regular Provision Sec. 12.21A4 all single family houses in Los Angeles must have at least two spaces for cars, preferably in the form of a garage. However, the actual population of Los Angeles has grown less dependent on those two cars and… Read More


Wooden Iron Horses

The other day I found myself at Mr.Churro, a next level churro infuser (literally, these churros are stuffed with chocolate and shit) in a hall down under Olvera Street. I walked out and noticed this sweet sign:… Read More


Imagining the Future of the L.A. River CAFAM Craft Night

In September I did a Craft Night Workshop at CAFAM (The Craft and Folk Art Museum) about “Imagining the Future of the L.A. River”. We had a great turnout of about 60 hardcore beer drinking crafters:We set up a river wall for everyone to hang their L.A. River creations as one installations. People came up… Read More

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Craft Night at The Craft and Folk Art Museum

I had a great time leading a workshop at the Craft and Fold Art Museum last Thursday night. The workshop was outdoors in their gorgeous courtyard: I made templates for the patches that we made, but it was awesome how people freestyled and used the templates to make their own designs:… Read More