Local Artists and Podiatrist Rally Angelenos to Save an LA Landmark

Happy Foot Sad Foot Pop-Up
Aug 15 – Sept 1 at Sunset Foot Clinic

The iconic Happy Foot Sad Foot sign has been an inspiration for countless Angelenos and now local artists and a podiatrist are joining forces to save the quirky Los Angeles landmark, which faces removal in a few short weeks.

“I am excited to open a room in my clinic as a small museum and gift shop,” Dr. Thomas Lim said about the pop-up. Dr. Lim has invited local artists to his clinic to install a pop-up gift shop that will donate its proceeds to saving the neighborhood’s legendary, foot-based fortune teller.

Most people drive by the funky strip mall sign in Echo Park and are dismissive of its clumsy vinyl foot drawings. Facing destruction after forty plus years brings a fresh focus to the unique tarot card nature of the sign and its role in inspiring literature, music and art. The podiatrist and artists see the pop-up as a way to create awareness of the removal of the sign and to raise funds for its designation as a historic resource to the people of Los Angeles.

“I believe that these emotional foot cartoons are a way of connecting and inspiring our disconnected city,” said Billy Kheel, a local artist who recently appeared on NBC’s Making It. As LA’s funky history is erased by the forces of gentrification, the Happy Foot Sad Foot sign can serve as a reminder that some of LA’s great cultural icons come from the most unlikely and unexpected of places. “The Happy Foot Sad Foot sign is one of the last rotating signs and it shines its magic eight ball-like powers on everyone that passes by,” added Kheel.

The Happy Foot Sad Foot Pop-Up will run for two weeks at the end August. Participating artists include pillows from Billy Kheel, pins from World Famous Original and t-shirts from Y-Que. The pop-up is at 2711 Sunset Boulevard and can be accessed from the waiting room of the clinic from 9am to 5pm.

Those that can’t attend the pop-up can support the effort on-line at: https://www.change.org/p/save-the-happy-foot-sad-foot-sign

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