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Amidst Drought and Revitalization, Artist Interprets the Los Angeles River in Felt

LA River: The Fiber of a City
May 20th-June 20th, 2015 at the LA County Store 4333 West Sunset Blvd
Opening May 20th 7-9PM

Living along the Los Angeles River (L.A. River) for the past fifteen years inspired artist Billy Kheel to create a new way to engage the river, by representing the river bottom as an art installation made completely of felt. Amidst drought, restoration planning, and growing diversity along its banks, Kheel’s installation is a call to contemplate the complexities of the river and an invitation to inform its future.

Most Angelenos think of the L.A. River as unappealing, dirty, and dangerous. By transposing the river into felt Kheel softens the harsh reality of this waterway. Stuffed and sewn felt imbues a tactile and inviting quality and recalls a children’s felt board, where the objects take on a narrative quality.

In contemplating the future of the L.A. River, felt’s miraculous natural binding properties can provide inspiration and vision. What is the cultural fiber that binds millions of diverse residents who call Los Angeles home?  Can clues be found at the bottom of the L.A. River?


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¡RESIST! Tax Day March Molotov After Party

Are you so fed up with the current situation in our country that you would like to grab a Molotov cocktail and stick it to the Cheeto-colored Man, but you don’t really have time to serve in jail? Come to the Los Angeles County Store after the Tax Day March on Saturday April 15th and join artist Billy Kheel in pretending to hurl plush Molotov cocktails in a show of legal defiance.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the aesthetic appeal and history of the Molotov cocktail but I realize it might be a little dangerous and illegal to actually start throwing them around,” said Billy Kheel, the Los Angeles-based artist who created this revolution-inspired installation. “The iconography and aesthetics of revolutionary movements inspired me and I wanted people to express this feeling without the resulting violence and jail time.”

“We are excited to invite everyone to the installation after a long day of Tax Day marching,” said Los Angeles County Store owner MaryAnne LoVerme. “We are also planning to have cold drinks to refresh weary marchers and a Revolutionary Selfie Zone so people can express their rage in a constructive and creative way.”

“¡RESIST! Tax Day March Molotov After Party With Billy Kheel” begins April 15th, with an opening party from 4-7pm. The installation will run until May 15th. 10% of proceeds will go to the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Frogtown.


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Sunset Stitches

May 20th-June 20th, 2014 at Trencher 1305 Portia Street, LA CA
Opening October 4th 7-9PM

Billy Kheel has lived close to the sign characters in these works for over a decade and has seen many of these signs taken down as their owners are forced out of business by slow brew coffee shops and vegan restaurants. With these new works Kheel seeks to monumentalize this seemingly ignorable pantheon of minor corporate mascots. This disparate collection of feet , animals, prayer boys and covered wagon chefs take us back to a different time, sensibility and neighborhood character. By bringing these logos to life, Kheel memorializes the characters that are no longer with us, while also reminding us those that are still in our midst, however fleetingly.