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Happy Foot Sad Foot Goodbye Pop-Up

Aug 15 – Sept 1, 2019 at Sunset Foot Clinic

The iconic Happy Foot Sad Foot sign has been an inspiration for countless Angelenos and now local artists and a podiatrist are joining forces to save the quirky Los Angeles landmark, which faces removal in a few short weeks.

“I am excited to open a room in my clinic as a small museum and gift shop,” Dr. Thomas Lim said about the pop-up. Dr. Lim has invited local artists to his clinic to install a pop-up gift shop that will donate its proceeds to saving the neighborhood’s legendary, foot-based fortune teller.

Most people drive by the funky strip mall sign in Echo Park and are dismissive of its clumsy vinyl foot drawings. Facing destruction after forty plus years brings a fresh focus to the unique tarot card nature of the sign and its role in inspiring literature, music and art. The podiatrist and artists see the pop-up as a way to create awareness of the removal of the sign and to raise funds for its designation as a historic resource to the people of Los Angeles.

“I believe that these emotional foot cartoons are a way of connecting and inspiring our disconnected city,” said Billy Kheel, a local artist who recently appeared on NBC’s Making It. As LA’s funky history is erased by the forces of gentrification, the Happy Foot Sad Foot sign can serve as a reminder that some of LA’s great cultural icons come from the most unlikely and unexpected of places. “The Happy Foot Sad Foot sign is one of the last rotating signs and it shines its magic eight ball-like powers on everyone that passes by,” added Kheel.

The Happy Foot Sad Foot Pop-Up will run for two weeks at the end August. Participating artists include pillows from Billy Kheel, pins from World Famous Original and t-shirts from Y-Que.

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Crow River

February 2019 – Present, Hassan Elementary, Rogers Minnesota

I went to Rogers, Minnesota to work with the community and local school to create and install a plush felt installation of the local Crow River. This river project is a great way to explore the history, culture and environment of a specific place and get the community excited about art and craft.


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NBA2K Launch Event

September 5th, 2019 City Market Social House

An immersive installation of felt basketballs that created a small universe of hoops within NBA2K’s launch event in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Complexcon: Fire Kicks

November 3rd-4th, 2018 1726 Long Beach Convention Center

Inspired by the phrase “Fire Kicks” and my own interest in soft sculptures of things on fire, I created this installation for Complexcon 2018. The installation featured a cloud of my favorite sneakers flying through the air on fire.

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We Rise

May 18th-28th 2019 1726 N. Spring Street, LA, CA

WE RISE is a 10-day pop-up immersive experience that brings together LA’s diverse community to explore our collective power to live lives of purpose and engagement. Through powerful programming, performances, immersive workshops, and a world-class art exhibition, we seek to embolden individuals and families to find help, reach out to help others and demand systemic change in order to address the critical need for early intervention, treatment and care for mental wellbeing. It is free and open to the public.

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Into Action

January 13-21 2018 1726 N. Spring Street, LA, CA

INTO ACTION is a large scale pop-up art exhibition, cultural gathering and community organizing action hub in Los Angeles featuring hundreds of inspiring works of art. INTO ACTION will also house dozens of professionally crafted installations by world-renowned artists, as well as over 25 hours of live performances, symposiums/panels, and workshops.

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Amoeba Records Parliament Funkadelic Quilt

January 1st, 2019 – Present at Amoeba Hollywood 6400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

My first exposure to Parliament Funkadelic came through Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. I loved G Funk and thought it was so cool that George Clinton was always so supportive of other artists sampling his work. I then saw Parliament Funkadelic live at Wesleyan University in 1994 and then again that summer at a hockey rink outside of New Haven. Both shows were mind-blowing and brought a new dimension to music I had been hearing in so many different ways. Parliament Funkadelic represent and embrace old school musicianship, live performance, cosmic creativity and the world of hip hop and sampling. Come down to Amoeba Hollywood and see the band that inspired so much vinyl immortalized in quilted felt.


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Amidst Drought and Revitalization, Artist Interprets the Los Angeles River in Felt

LA River: The Fiber of a City
May 20th-June 20th, 2015 at the LA County Store 4333 West Sunset Blvd
Opening May 20th 7-9PM

Living along the Los Angeles River (L.A. River) for the past fifteen years inspired artist Billy Kheel to create a new way to engage the river, by representing the river bottom as an art installation made completely of felt. Amidst drought, restoration planning, and growing diversity along its banks, Kheel’s installation is a call to contemplate the complexities of the river and an invitation to inform its future.

Most Angelenos think of the L.A. River as unappealing, dirty, and dangerous. By transposing the river into felt Kheel softens the harsh reality of this waterway. Stuffed and sewn felt imbues a tactile and inviting quality and recalls a children’s felt board, where the objects take on a narrative quality.

In contemplating the future of the L.A. River, felt’s miraculous natural binding properties can provide inspiration and vision. What is the cultural fiber that binds millions of diverse residents who call Los Angeles home?  Can clues be found at the bottom of the L.A. River?


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¡RESIST! Tax Day March Molotov After Party

Are you so fed up with the current situation in our country that you would like to grab a Molotov cocktail and stick it to the Cheeto-colored Man, but you don’t really have time to serve in jail? Come to the Los Angeles County Store after the Tax Day March on Saturday April 15th and join artist Billy Kheel in pretending to hurl plush Molotov cocktails in a show of legal defiance.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the aesthetic appeal and history of the Molotov cocktail but I realize it might be a little dangerous and illegal to actually start throwing them around,” said Billy Kheel, the Los Angeles-based artist who created this revolution-inspired installation. “The iconography and aesthetics of revolutionary movements inspired me and I wanted people to express this feeling without the resulting violence and jail time.”

“We are excited to invite everyone to the installation after a long day of Tax Day marching,” said Los Angeles County Store owner MaryAnne LoVerme. “We are also planning to have cold drinks to refresh weary marchers and a Revolutionary Selfie Zone so people can express their rage in a constructive and creative way.”

“¡RESIST! Tax Day March Molotov After Party With Billy Kheel” begins April 15th, with an opening party from 4-7pm. The installation will run until May 15th. 10% of proceeds will go to the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Frogtown.

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Sunset Stitches

May 20th-June 20th, 2014 at Trencher 1305 Portia Street, LA CA
Opening October 4th 7-9PM

Billy Kheel has lived close to the sign characters in these works for over a decade and has seen many of these signs taken down as their owners are forced out of business by slow brew coffee shops and vegan restaurants. With these new works Kheel seeks to monumentalize this seemingly ignorable pantheon of minor corporate mascots. This disparate collection of feet , animals, prayer boys and covered wagon chefs take us back to a different time, sensibility and neighborhood character. By bringing these logos to life, Kheel memorializes the characters that are no longer with us, while also reminding us those that are still in our midst, however fleetingly.

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December 10th-January 5th, 2011 at Legacy Partner’s Glendale City Center
Opening reception December 10, 5-9 pm

INCREMENTS brings together contemporary artists working with serial, incremental, and composite practices that produce visually and conceptually engaged works. These artists will use the exhibition platform as an opportunity to examine notions of change and growth, installing and revisiting their works throughout the run of the show, creating an exhibition whose form and content will shift with the passage of time. Exhibition at Glendale City Center has been made possible through the support of Legacy Partners.