Abilify Plush


2″ x 8″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Soft Sculpture

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Lucy blames Abilify for her insatiable hunger for gambling that saw her drive at all hours of the night to Cripple Creek, a legion of Wild West-themed casinos in Colorado.

“I started going all the time,” she wrote. “I never even won, never came back with so much as a dime in my pocket,” she confessed.

Lucy burned through unemployment checks, pawned her mechanic husband’s automotive tools, and lied about needing money to buy baby formula.

As she puts it in the letter, “Nothing was off-limits when it came to getting the money I needed to keep up the ruse.”

Fanatical about the casino, and filling time in-between with lottery scratchers, Lucy’s urge to roll the dice was so desperate she admitted how she mastered her very own disappearing act.

“I’d stuff my bed at night to fool my husband that I was asleep when actually I was spinning the slots,” she admitted in the letter.

– The Daily Beast