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Well, my understanding is that, at the time, the Beastie Boys had officially broken up as a group. They were in contract dispute with Def Jam and my understanding was the only way they could get out of that contract was to break up as a band. As far as I know, they had no intention of making another record. Licensed to Ill was going to be it for the Beastie Boys. Adam Horovitz was in LA filming the movie Lost Angels – they were not working on a record at all – and he’d gotten the film production company to fly Mike D and MCA out just to keep him company. So they were just hanging out with Adam and looking for a party. And we were hanging out with Matt Dike, who was one of the owners of Delicious Vinyl, but also a renowned DJ and club promoter in LA. The Beastie Boys had performed at one of Matt’s clubs when they were opening for Madonna, back in the day, so they knew that he knew where the party was at. And one day, Mike D came by Matt’s apartment just trying to find out where the party was. It was just good timing and good fortune that Mike D walked in while we were putting together some of these tracks and perked up his ears and asked what we were working on. My understanding is that our tracks are what inspired the Beasties to figure out their legal situation and pursue making another record with us. – E.Z. Mike of The Dust Brothers