Big Fish

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96″x48″ Plush

He’s got a snake skin sportshirt

And he looks like Vincent Price

With a little piece of chicken

And he’s carving off a slice

But someone tipped her off

She’ll be doing a Houdini now any day

She shook his hustle

The Greyhound bus’ll

Take the one that got away

Andre is at the piano

Behind the Ivar in the Sewers

With a buck a shot for pop tunes

And a fin for guided tours

He could of been in Casablanca

He stood in line out there all day

But now he’s spilling whiskey

And learning songs about the one that got away

Well I’ve lost my equilibrium

My car keys and my pride

Tattoo parlor’s warm

And so I huddle there inside

The grinding of the buzzsaw


Just don’t misspell her name

Buddy she’s the one that got away

-Tom Waits