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23″x18″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Appliqué Quilt

Where does this delicious meat-stuff come from? “In many ways, the preparation of carne asada has strayed little from its roots. We owe the tradition in part to the skinny cows of yore, brought over from Spain and prized first for their organ meat, a rancho-day treat, and their tallow, which was a key trade product. But when one of those cows died, or when it was slaughtered specifically for a fancy occasion, the meat was crisped up nicely and consumed against the backdrop of traditional Spanish music, as any public-school-educated third grader in this state can tell you. “The rancho is a longstanding, almost fantasy image of California,” says Jeffrey Pilcher, a professor of history at the University of Minnesota and an expert on Mexican food. “That image is still alive in the carne asada.””

New York Times