Eazy-E Eazy-Duz-It Tapestry


24″ x 24″ Handsewn Felt Applique

Q: How does N.W.A. actually put a song together?

EAZY-E: We take all the different ideas and put them all into one. It gets mixed up different every time, according to each.

ICE CUBE: Look, now here’s how we break down a song: (Dr.] Dre and Yella do a beat…. Alright, then, and I say “Yo, man, I got a verse for that.” Then up comes Eazy and he has a verse. Then we do our little tricks on the break. So we put all these things together and we got a record. Like on “Fuck The Police,” everybody did their own little flavor. Eazy-E wrote his part, Ren wrote his, we all use our own perspective on the subject of fuck the police.

M.C. REN: You see, everybody takes it from his point of view, that’s what makes the song so strong.

ICE CUBE: Instead of sitting down together and working things out and having somebody say, “Naw, man, I don’t think you should write that,” you know what I’m saying? What I’m saying is, this man think. Let him write what he thinks. Let me write what I think. So we never really criticize each other’s record.

M.C. REN: If we were to start off altogether and did it, all that shit would have been alike. We gotta be able to get away from each other and get into our own perspective.

Q: Is the road a good place to write from, or do you wait until you get home to write?

ICE CUBE: On the road, you don’t see nothin’ but hotels, halls and the road.

M.C. REN: Out there on the road you have to concentrate on one thing: the shows, interviews and in-stores. Once you get home, you don’t have that much on your mind. There ain’t nothin’ to do but studio work. That’s why so many rap groups are comin’ out, puttin’ out so many wacked records now. You’re on the road trying to work out your rhymes, your beat. A lot of these groups have toured a lot, and then they try to put out an album real quick for the business of it. You know, they’re kinda messin’ up their sights.

Q: Every Ruthless Record release credits Eazy-E as the executive producer. In label-ese that usually means the guy with the bucks. So it’s Executive Eazy-E, Sir, or does “E” stand for Executive?

EAZY-E: I was a businessman and a superhero. I want to go through it like this, I’m the executive producer.

– Frank Andrich for Shark Magazine