Eric Dickerson

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14″x19″ Framed, Hand Sewed Felt Appliqué with Paint

“So you know we go through the whole– go through practice. And I’m still thinking about this the whole week, you know. I go home thinking about it. You know, because I mean, Lawrence Taylor was all everything. He was All-Pro, crazy, you know you’ve seen the stuff, you know, the antics he’d pull on the field. And I kept looking at 56. I mean, I just kept looking over at him, and I think I gotta block like this guy, I gotta block this guy.

So sure enough, the game starts, and we’re having a good game. I think I ended up with like 98 yards on like 20 carries. And Lawrence Taylor had been cursing me. You know– I’m a rookie– cursing, you f-ing rookie. You ain’t gonna get no 100 yards on us today. You know, all that kind of stuff, and I didn’t say nothing. And it was I think early in the fourth or the third quarter, the play. They called the play. And I just ran the ball before. I mean, he made a tackle with some other guys. And I’m like, OK, so I’m in my stance, you know. Trying to look straight ahead. I got the goggles on, I’m trying to cut my eyes over him at the same time, knowing I’m going to have to cut him.

Sure enough, Mike Barber pushes him to make a quick hit him, goes inside. He rushes, comes clean, I mean really clean. And when he rushed, I chopped him. I chop blocked him going in. And let me tell you, linebackers don’t like to be cut. So as I get up, I’m walking back to the huddle, he grabs me by my arm. Hey you punk, don’t you cut me! So I’m standing there, I’m like, I think we gonna laugh, like was like. You hear me! Yes. I go to the sideline. I go to the sideline, I sit on the bench, just like this, just sit there.

Then they’re like, hey, where’s the running back? Time out, time out. I’m waiting for them to come over. Eric, what are you– I said nope. Mm mm. Ain’t going back out there. Eric– Nope, mm mm, I said, that man trying to kill me out there. He said he’d kill me after I cut him. I said Bruce, why ya’ll have me cut, that man’s crazy! Eric, come on. I said, nope. I said, I’m not going back out. He said, well just wait a few plays, and everybody’s laughing and stuff. I’m like, you can laugh if you want to. I like living.

So sure enough, a couple of plays later, I go back out on the field. And I walk after the game– We actually win the game. I think we won the game 19 to 7 or something like that. I go over to apologize. I say, hey, Mr. Taylor, man, I want to apologize. He said, hey don’t you cut me, you– I said, hey, man, I’m sorry. He said, I’m just joking. I said, man don’t do me like that, man. I mean, really I couldn’t take it. So that was my opening day experience in the National Football League playing against the New York Giants and Lawrence Taylor.”

Eric Dickerson