Garrison Hearst

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18″x13″ Framed, Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Felt with Paint

There’s a story from his high school days when a teammate made a bad decision. His fullback took a biscuit from a convenience store without paying for it.

This took place the day before Hearst and his Lincoln County team played in the state championship game.

It cost the Red Devils their starting fullback and a starting cornerback. Hearst, who only played offense at the time, stepped into both roles.

The initial replacement at fullback wasn’t anywhere near as physical or as prepared, so Hearst took over and did what was required. The Parade All-American tailback stood out in his first game at fullback, and he also was pressed into service at cornerback. He hadn’t played that position all season.

The Georgia high school legend went on to intercept a pass at corner. He turned that play into a touchdown, which decided the Georgia High School Association Class A state championship game.

The great ones just seem to do things like that on the football field.

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