Jeff Kent

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18″x13″ Framed, Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Felt Appliqué with Fabric

Here’s a brief-ish chronology of Kent through the seasons:

  • After Randy Johnson destroys a dove with a fastball in spring training of ’01, Kent picks up the dead bird and offers it to the Big Unit, who laughs not. Kent, for morbid reasons known only to himself, later fishes the bagged remains out of the trash. Cuckoo.


  • During spring training in 2002, Kent breaks a bone in his left wrist, he says, after slipping from his pickup truck at a do-it-yourself car wash. Schulman later reports that Kent, in all likelihood, conjured a cover story after doing wheelies on his beloved motorcycle, hitting the curb and falling off the bike. Despite the injury, Kent plays in 152 games, hitting a career-high 37 homers and helping the Giants reach the World Series. But not before …


  • …Kent and Bonds were caught on TV fighting in the dugout during a game


  • In ’04, Kent tells Bonds via the media to “own up” and confront BALCO revelations, adding that MLB’s drug-testing system is “half-ass” while wondering which players throughout history (including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig) haven’t cheated.



  • Addressing performance-enhancing drugs with L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers in ’07, Kent offers to pee and/or spit blood into a cup (to test for HGH). Kent also acknowledges, seemingly without argument, as being viewed as “one of the unfriendliest players in the game.”



  • Kent makes the mistake of calling out Scully (“He talks too much”), after the Dodgers icon implies that Kent’s second-half surge was due to Manny Ramirez’s presence in the lineup.


-Yahoo Sports