Jump Around In The Flowers

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23″x23″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Appliqué Quilt

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin
I came to win, battle me that’s a sin

I won’t ever slack up, punk you better back up
Try and play the role and yo the whole crew’ll act up
Get up, stand up (c’mon!) see’mon throw your hands up

If you’ve got the feeling, jump across the ceiling
Muggs lifts a funk flow, someone’s talking junk
Yo I bust him in the eye, and then I’ll take the punk’s hoe
Feelin’, funkin’, amps in the trunk and I got more rhymes

than there’s cops at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop
Sho’ nuff, I got props
From the kids on the Hill plus my mom and my pops

I came to get down, I came to get down
So get out your seat and jump around!

-House of Pain, Jump Around