Randy Moss


24″x24″ Hand Cut, Painted, Sewed Felt Appliqué

“Fastest guy I’ve seen with my own eyes is Randy Moss. Olympic speed.

I remember one time, it was a running joke at practice how fast he was. He’s talking trash to Daunte Culpepper and Daunte Culpepper’s talking trash to Randy. They were like brothers. They would fight all the time, but absolutely loved each other.

And Randy’s sitting there saying, ‘Man, you can’t out-throw me, you can’t out-throw me.’ And Daunte said, ‘you better believe that I can out-throw you bro. I can out-throw you.’

So at practice, Randy has a go-route. Daunte drops back, he sits there and he throws it from the back pocket. I’m talking about as far as he can. And everybody’s sitting there and we see this ball take off. And Randy is looking, there’s no way he can get to this ball. There’s no way.

He’s running at what we think is full speed. He looks up, tucks his head back down, sticks it, and catches it with his finger tips. And I looked at Pep and even Daunte Culpepper had his eyes wide open thinking, ‘I did not think he could get to that.’ And then Mike Tice jumps in and he’s like, ‘c’mon don’t ever test Randy. That’s why he’s the best in the league.’

It was the craziest thing I’d ever seen.”

– Nate Burleson on Randy Moss