Reggie White

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18″ x 12″ Handsewn Felt Applique

A new era of Eagles football dawned on September 29, 1985. That was the day Reggie White played his first game in Philadelphia.

“We were all taken aback by just how dominant Reggie was,” said John Spagnola, a tight end on that Eagles team. “We had heard his name and read good things about him, but most of us took a wait-and-see attitude. Once he stepped on the field, though, it was clear he was something special.”

White joined the Eagles in Week 4 of the regular season after completing a full spring schedule with the Memphis Showboats of the United States Football League. He was the top defensive lineman in the USFL, but no one knew if he would be the same destructive force in the NFL. He answered that question almost immediately.

“I had never seen anyone that big and that strong who could move that fast,” said Herman Edwards, who was playing cornerback that season. “He was so explosive. He drove (blockers) back like they were on roller skates.”

“He came in and pretty much took over,” said head coach Marion Campbell.

– Ray Didinger, Hall of Fame Sports Writer